Changing Jobs for the Eighth Time


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Changing Jobs for the Eighth Time

Where Am I Heading?

I’m currently embarking on a new venture, CoThinking, a marketing firm specialising in the B2B tech marketing sector.

My return to Innov8tif is a transitionary measure, with the management there providing substantial support to help with the company launch.

Why the Change?

Now, at 28, I’ve spent a significant part of my adult life transitioning between jobs in search of a company to which I can fully commit. (Like Zhu Ge Liang waiting for a Liu Bei, as my high school friend once put it.)

However, I’ve come to realise that the greenest grass is the one I cultivate myself. Will it grow into a magnificent lawn? Or will it become overrun with weeds and die? Regardless, I have more control over my destiny than ever before.

What Lies Ahead?

Uncertainty, fear, and a considerable amount of anxiety. I foresee long hours, sleepless nights, heavy responsibilities, and inevitable sacrifices.

Yet, I’ve met friends who open and shut businesses as if it’s just an ordinary Tuesday. Building and running companies is normal to them, but this is a new and unfamiliar journey for me.

Being uneasy is natural. In the end, I’m confident that everything will turn out fine. As long as I continue to learn and practice how to 做人, things will fall into place.

Reflecting on the Past

  • Freelance work since I was 16. I undertook various projects to support my hobbies, mainly camera gear.
  • Internship at Director’s Think Tank. The most trauma-inducing 90 days of my life, but it moulded me into the person I am today. I still wouldn’t recommend joining.
  • Videographer at ABC Studio. Awesome environment, but the pay couldn’t support me then. I often wonder how everyone there is doing.
  • Brand Producer at Winner Dynasty. Caught a glimpse of society’s underbelly. Very fun, but also dangerous.
  • Writer at Armani Media. Growth via trial by fire. Met my first mentor whose influence still shaped my leadership style to this day.
  • Journalist at TheEdge. Learnt about storytelling and learned how to behave around iMpoRtanT people. Met another awesome boss who taught me what it means to have my team’s back.
  • Marketing Manager at Innov8tif Finally experienced a respectable, livable wage. Doubled down on being a professional and got a taste of what it’s like to be a boss.
  • Marketing Manager at ORLIG. The true “executive” stage of my life, where I trade away talent & knowledge for higher income.

Have been through a lot with a lifetime’s worth of trouble to come. Let’s freaking go.

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